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Service Excellence

Amidst rapid change, a Social Purpose Organization's ability to establish a Service Excellence culture will communicate to the frontline how well the organization is staying on top of change. Nurturing a culture of Service Excellence requires an organization-wide approach. To help you with this effort, Volunteer MBC has stepped in and promotes a model called the Service Excellence Blueprint. 

The Service Excellence Blueprint

The Blueprint is a framework with 15 components. It is aimed at facilitating Social Purpose Organizations in evaluating, strategizing and designing initiatives which help your organization foster a culture of Service Excellence. The Blueprint is designed with elements of change management, organizational development, performance and learning, evaluation and measurement, employee engagement, volunteer involvement, and leadership in practice, all embedded into a practical tool. This entire course is about exploring these 15 components.


Thanks to our generous supporters, this online course is offered at a reduced price for a limited time: only $80! If you're serving a Volunteer MBC Member organization, you can save even more by registering for only $60.

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Wise Words

"Unless an organization sees that its task is to lead change, that organization—whether a business, a university, or a hospital—will not survive."
-Peter F. Drucker