Do you consider yourself a leader with the ability to see the big picture? Do you have the courage to set direction and the integrity to serve ?Perhaps, these are qualities you seek to develop and demonstrate further. If so, here’s an opportunity for you to take your skills to the next level and have your voice heard in the community!

We are pleased to invite you to BoardWalk, an experiential learning program to increase your expertise and leadership skills and then apply them.

Program Objective
Through the program, gain insight into leadership roles on not-for-profit boards and committees through training and experience boards and committees in action, eventually making your way to a meaningful commitment with a not-for-profit organization.

For participants

The program will focus on the essentials of board and committee leadership through a series of online learning sessions, discussion forums, and shadowing opportunities. BoardWalk will cover:

  • Benefits of being in a leadership position in a not-for-profit board
  • What is a board and why is it significant?
  • Role and responsibilities of a board member who provides strategic direction
  • Fostering diversity in not-for-profit organizations and their boards
  • Experiencing an actual not-for-profit board in action
  • Connecting you meaningfully with board and committee volunteer positions

 It's important that our local not-for-profit organizations reflect our diverse community. Through BoardWalk, you can learn and experience:

  • How not-for-profit leaders shape society
  • The role, responsibilities and etiquettes of boards
  • Effective and strategic not-for-profit governance
  • How to apply your skills to better your community

Thanks to the generous support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, this online program is offered free at this time. Registration is full and closed, but check back on this page for our next registration period.

For organizations

Does your organization value Diversity, Equity & Inclusion? It's time to walk the talk.

Until now, local not-for-profit boards have not reflected the diversity of the communities we serve and they are struggling without meaningful involvement of the entire community. But that can change. You can add your organization as an inclusive space on BoardWalk.

Through BoardWalk, you will be connected to volunteers who...

  • ...possess the advanced skills you're looking for with expertise including finance, legal, media, fund development, technology and more
  • ...have completed relevant training, including board governance
  • ...represent diverse backgrounds and are members of underserved communities

Not-for-profit organizations can benefit directly by recruiting BoardWalk participants onto your board of directors or strategic committees. To get started, complete our Inclusive Leadership Survey