VOlunteer MBC Learning Centre

Board Essentials

Are you new to a board? A seasoned expert with years of experience to share? Then this course is for you!


  • Significance of a Board
  • Structuring Your Board
  • Establishing a Board
  • Providing Direction to the Organization. 
  • Board Efficiency 
  • Boardroom Dynamics


This course is offered online and designed for you to go at your own pace. There are 7 mini-chapters and a graded quiz which will remain open until the end of your course enrolment period. The graded quiz will open once you have visited all 7 chapters. Some chapters include audio and some chapters are designed without it. This eLearning module is screen-reader friendly.


Thanks to our generous supporters, this online course is offered at a reduced price for a limited time: only $80! If you're serving a Volunteer MBC Member organization, you can save even more by registering for only $60.